Hostess Gifts That Are Not Wine

The holiday season is just around the corner and with it brings dinner parties and family visits.  Whether it's a casual or formal affair, giving a hostess gift is a lovely way to say thank you for the hospitality.  Here are suggestions for a thoughtful gift from your Zionsville shops.

Hostess Gifts 2.JPG

1.  Tea towels, $8 from Five Thirty Home:  Tea towels may not be everyone's first choice but I see them everywhere.  Five Thirty Home offers a wide selection with cute sayings and patterns.  They are perfect for lining a basket of goodies or wrapping a bottle of wine, as seen here

2.  Mini truffles, $16.00 from Ganache Chocolatier :  I am not usually a fan of boxed chocolates but these truffles, I can't explain it.  There is such a delicacy to them that you don't quite feel like you cheating on your diet.  They are the perfect bite-size of deliciousness.  If you want to mix things up a little, get the liquor truffles - the Chambord truffle is delish! 

3.  Flowers, $12-$15 from Blooms by Dragonfly:  This pretty little gift has a dual purpose not only are you gifting flowers but the cute little vase is actually a candle votive.  You can chose the flowers to be either seasonal, shown here, or to match your hostess's home decor.  After the flowers are past their prime, your hostess is left with a decorative candle votive.  Call ahead for a quick pick up!  Done and done!

4.  Michel Design Works candle $19.95, hand soap $11.50 and room spray $10.95 from Butler's Pantry:  Michel Design Works has numerous collections and Butler's Pantry has a wide selection of items to chose from in their seasonal line.  

5.  Inga's Popcorn  $12:  Inga's Popcorn is a gift appreciated by all ages.  There are so many delicious flavors to chose from.  Sweet n' Cheesy is a favorite at our house but Inga's Caramel, White Cheddar, Birthday Cake or their seasonal flavors are always a hit!

6.  Capri Candles $30.95 from Michele's:  Have you ever been to Anthropologie and noticed their fragrance candles?  They are Capri Candles and you don't have to drive all the way to the Fashion Mall to get one.  Michele's carries multiple sizes, different jars and fragrances.  This is the largest at 19oz. 

7.  B. Happy Peanut Butter $7.50 at Inga's Popcorn:  Ummm...  Have you had this stuff?!  It's A-mazing.  It's BEYOND amazing!  The flavor above is Go Lucky, it was suggested for my son to try when he said he doesn't like peanut butter.  He now LOVES peanut butter.  There many flavors to try and you can't go wrong with any of them.  I promise you that instead of you thanking the hostess, she will be calling you to thank you for the peanut butter.  You will be invited back!  

8.  Tenzi at 4 Kids Books & Toys $14.99:  This isn't your typical hostess gift but it's perfect for the hostess that is hosting a family event.  It is a fast, easy and fun game for all ages!  Highly recommend!

What are your favorite hostess gifts you have given or received?